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Five Steps to a Straight Smile with Invisalign

If you have an underbite, overbite, misaligned, and crooked teeth, you can get Invisalign to help with this. The process involves custom aligners that are made for you, and you essentially put these in every two weeks, and they will magically straighten your teeth. it’s so easy, and we’ll tell you how to get them.

First thing you should do, is schedule a consultation.  Choosing this is important, so you should schedule a consultation with your dental team and confirm whether or not it’s the right option since it can address many different dental cases, from simple to complex.

From there, create a customized treatment plan, and from there, this includes x-rays, impressions, and even a 3D model of the mouth. From there, you will see how your teeth align and adjust over time, and how long treatment should last.

If you’re ready to begin, you’re then set to get started. Based on the treatment plan and the impressions, the team will make some custom aligners for you.  They will sit perfectly in your mouth, not cause irritation to the cheeks or other structures, and they’re made with a smooth plastic material that doesn’t contain BPA.  The treatment is very simple, but you need to wear these throughout the day and take them out only to eat, brush, and floss your teeth. You even wear these when you’re sleeping. They don’t hinder your speaking either, and they will gradually shift the teeth into the right place, so you won’t be in excruciating pain like how it was when braces get tightened.

At this point, you should see your dentist for aligners every two weeks. it’s very easy to progress through this if you see the dentist, and whenever you go in, you get the new set of aligners, giving you a straighter smile.  You can check in with them, and they will do a 6 week checkup to monitor the progress, and make adjustments accordingly.

Now, how long it takes is honestly up to the plan, but once you’re finally done, you can get rid of those aligners, and then you’ve got a new smile! To keep it straight, however, it’s advised to get a retainer that will help with straightening and keeping them straight.  The teeth can shift back into the original places and askew if you’re not careful, ao always make sure that you take the time to put the retainer in. it isn’t fun, but if you want to keep your smile looking new and amazing, this is how you do it.

And that’s it! You can have a new smile right away, and you can always talk to your Invisalign dentist if you feel like you have questions about this, or what it might entail. Get a new smile that you know and love today, and you can do so through the use of Invisalign.  Take control of your smile, and make it as pretty as you can today, and begin your new life.